Sunday, February 23, 2020



*Angel of Life Purpose*

You Are Here To Do What Only You Can Do In The Way Only You Can Do It Each of us comes into this world with a special mission or life purpose that only we can accomplish. Often we have a sense of what this purpose is from the time we are very young yet few are fortunate enough to have that sense of purpose encouraged or supported. Instead many of us are pushed into doing things that our parents or other people feel is really best for us to be doing, they ignore our own vision of what we came here to do because THEIRS was also ignored when they were young as well! It takes great strength of will and stamina to go against what others may see us being right for us and sadly many fall into that trap of living out someone elses dream.

Yet there is an Angel of Life Purpose who is always with each of us, trying to remind us in each moment what it is we know we came here to accomplish. This Angel speaks to us when we are working at jobs that we hate and desperately wishing there was something else we could be doing to pay the rent and put food on the table! It is at those moments especially when this Angel begins to speak to us, urging us to take hold of our original desire and sense of life purpose and begin to work in the present moment to make it a reality! Even if on the surface it looks like it might be very difficult indeed to accomplish our life's purpose and make a living to boot, this Angel stands ready to say that money and support flows where the life purpose is also being focused upon, and in far greater abundance than we would ever receive working at jobs or careers that we hate! We shall also find that as we begin the process of moving towards accomplishing our life mission, that all the pieces begin to fall into place with greater and greater ease. We feel more alive and awake when we are pursuing that which we love, our days are filled with joy and harmony rather than struggle and strife. Even the old career becomes easier to bear when we understand that it is a springboard to where we really desire to be in life. We can remain in our old job even as we are embarking on the new and through it, we may even find people that are happy to lend a hand or can lead us to still others who can help us accomplish our life purpose.

Prayer for life purpose

Angel of life purpose, my desire is to know and live from my divine purpose. You know exactly what it is that will bring me happiness, fulfillment, purpose, and joy. Help me unfold it for myself. Give me the direction, courage, and guidance I need to become one with my divine purpose. I have reflected, and these are all the things that I love to do and I feel passionate about. Help me bring it all together and show me the possibilities to live it fully and create all the abundance I need and desire. Thank you.


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