Monday, September 30, 2019


 HOW TO FOCUS.......?

FOCUS is the gateway of learning, memory, reasoning, perception, problem solving etc. So, when you focus to achieve something in your life, you will reach your goals. If you fail to focus, you will end up with wasting your time and energy on useless things. Most of people failed to achieve their goals, and later they blame outside factors. These outside factors (family, surroundings, technology, peer pressure etc) will always be part of your life. you have to learn, how to manage all these outside factors while achieving your goals. Distraction will always comes in your ways, but you have to choose, remain focused or get distracted. It can be harder or challenging to always remain focused, but there is no fun without any challenges. It's always pleasant to see beautiful dawn, after a dark night. If you will overcome the distractions, then definitely you can easily focused on the goal, like a camera and will able to take perfect shot of your life.

Try few tricks which will help you to stay focused:-

 * Organize your thoughts, then go step by step towards your goal. Goal can be any- success in exams, promotion at work place etc. Don't try to jump else you may fall. Be patient and regular, always remind yourself what is your goal and why you set this goal. Continuous reminder will help you to stay away from distractions and stay focused.

* Know the importance of being consistent on your every step. So, if sometimes you are not in mood to study or work, then do some small proactive thing that will take you towards your ultimate goal- for example a small book exercise, or a small presentation of your work. Staying focused is absolutely with in your reach. You sometimes don't know your capabilities but always trust yourself. Remind yourself- "YOU CAN DO IT."

* Use "DO NOT DISTURB" sign board, mute your phone, close the TV or Computer etc, minimize your distractions. Tell your colleagues or classmates, your family members to speak to you at the right time instead of interrupting in every 10 minutes.

* Eat healthy and at right time will help you to be more productive. You can't focused if you have done over eating or if you are hungry.

* You need to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep adversely affect your health, and feeling sleepy will not let you focused.

* You have to trained your mind to stay focused. Do meditation, exercicse or gym. This will improve your concentration power.Train your focus ability. You can start will 5 minutes and gradually increase your duration.

* Plan your time appropriately, and train your mind to do every work on it's time. When you have a proper time planning, it will be much easier for you to stay focused. Don't forget to take proper break in between to give some rest to your mind.

        In life nothing is free, you have to pay something to get something. Something is free only when it has no value. So, if you want to be successful in life, you need to give up your laziness, wastage of time, and start spending time, energy, effort and knowledge towards your goal.  If you are able to stay focused, you will be productive, and will able to complete your work in record time.

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Navaratri in sanskrit means nine nights, which is dedicated to the nine forms of MAA DURGA . In these nine nights, nine forms of Shakti are worshiped. Every single day of Navratri is dedicated to one form of Goddess Durga and she is worshiped by devotees on this day.


It is on the 1st day of Navaratri, Ashwin Shukla Pratipada,

Timings:- 06:34 AM to 07:54 AM (morning)

Navratri Day 1 (Ekam) Sep 29, 2019   (Sunday)  Shailputri Puja
Navratri Day 2     (Dwitiya) Sep 30, 2019   (Monday) Brahmacharini Puja
Navratri Day 3     (Tritiya) Oct 1, 2019     (Tuesday) Chandraghanta Puja
Navratri Day 4     (Chaturthi)  Oct 2, 2019     (Wednesday) Kushmanda Puja
Navratri Day 5     (Panchami)   Oct 3, 2019    (Thursday) Skandamata Puja
Navratri Day 6     (Shashthi) Oct 4, 2019    (Friday)  Katyayani Puja
Navratri Day 7     (Saptami)    Oct 5, 2019     (Saturday) Kalaratri Puja
Navratri Day 8     (Ashtami)   Oct 6, 2019     (Sunday) Durga Mahaashtami,
Navratri Day 9     (Navami) Oct 7, 2019     (Monday) Maha Navami
Navratri Day 10   (Dashami)  Oct 8, 2019     (Tuesday) Durga Visarjan, Vijayadashami

First day of Navratri is dedicated to the first incarnation of Mother Durga. Devotees pay obeisance to Shailputri Mata on this day. In this avatar, she is worshiped like a baby girl and the daughter of a mountain.
On this day, the devotees wear yellow clothes 
and offer ghee to the mother.

On the second day, Goddess Durga is worshiped as Brahmacharini Devi.

On the second day wear white clothes
and offer sugar to the mother.

The third day is dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta. It is believed that by worshiping this form of Goddess, all your sufferings are eradicated and your desire is fulfilled.

On this day, the devotees wear brown clothes
and offer milk or kheer to the goddess.

The fourth day or Chaturthi is dedicated to Goddess Kushmanda. It is believed that by worshiping this form of Goddess and fasting, all the sufferings and diseases of the devotee are removed.

On this day, the devotees wear orange clothes
and offer Maalpua to Maa Kushmanda.

The fifth day is dedicated to Skandamata Devi. It is believed that worshiping this form of Goddess fulfills all the wishes of the devotees.

On Panchami, wears bright clothing
and offer banana to the goddess.

On the Shashthi or sixth day, Goddess Katyayini is worshiped.

On this day, the devotees wear red clothes
and offer honey to appease the Goddess.

Saptami or seventh day is dedicated to Goddess Kalratri. In this avatar, the goddess protects her devotees from any evil and gives happiness.

 On this day, the devotees wear blue clothes
and offer jaggery to the Goddess.

Ashtami is dedicated to Goddess Mahagauri. It is believed that by worshiping this form of Goddess, all sins of the devotees are washed away.

On this day, the devotees wear pink 
and offer coconut to the goddess.

The ninth day or Navami is dedicated to Goddess Siddhidatri. Worshiping this form of Goddess fulfills all the wishes of the devotees.

On this day, the devotees wear purple color
and offer sesame to the Goddess.


Wednesday, 6 October 2019.

 Ashtami Tithi Begins = 09:51 AM on Oct 05, 2019
 Ashtami Tithi Ends = 10:54 AM on Oct 06, 2019

 Durga Puja Visarjan: Saturday, 8 October 2019.   

 Vijay Muhurat = 02:24 PM to 03:10 PM
 Aparahna Puja Time = 01:37 PM to 03:57 PM

 Durga Visarjan Time = 06:37 AM to 08:57 AM


                                                                        JAI MATA DI
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Thursday, September 26, 2019



You do not need magic to change your destiny, you carry all the power you need inside yourself. Already you have the power to imagine better and turn your dreams into reality. Through visualization, you can turn your abstract wishes into a picture that not only inspire you, infact guide you.
There are billions of informations that are coming into brains at any point in time. There is everything you see, feel, touch, hear, smell, taste but your brain is filtering out billions of bits of information every single second. So the power of visualization is the reason, through this you are training your brain what to look for on the path to whatever you are trying to get.

For this you need to follow three points:- GOAL, PATH AND SCREEN

Your GOAL - What is the goal that you are working towards..? What you are looking to get to....? That's usually the clearest part of it. Follow the priority instead of putting down goal that are lower than you actually want.

Then the PATH, is the second part which is little bit fuzzy. You have to start doing some efforts towards that goal. You have to imagine of your future every single morning, so when you know that what your goal is, or what you want to do with your life, you will have rough idea of what the PATH is.

The SCREEN- when you know what is your path, then all you need to do is remind yourself of it, every single morning and then start visualizing every morning for 10 minutes. So. as you are going through this process, you may start getting those feelings of " I am not enough through". or " I can't get that big goal." Avoid these thoughts, this way you will go little bit lower. So, don't allow yourself to go lower. Allow yourself to dream as big as you possibly can. And see that goal as if you are actually there.
With this your brain is going to activate, through Reticular activating system and people, places , things, opportunities will start to come into your life, because your brain is not going to filter them out anymore. You are going to start to see the people that you need to make thr connections with. You are going to see the opportunities, that will get you to that goal, and then your life will start to fall into place.

So, as you are going through this process and visualizing today and every single day, you will notice the future that seemed impossible will just some how finding themselves, their way into your life.

P.S This process is part of LAW OF ATTRACTION. Follow this link to know more about Law of Attraction.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Why positive thinking doesn't work?


If you want to make your dreams come true, you have to think positive always. As universe response only positive vibes. But when you try to think positive, generally you don't succeed in that. There is really one big problem with trying to think positive, And I am going to tell you what is that. I will make you understand this with the help of a glass filled with water.

This glass represent you and your mind, how you are born with Crystal clear mind- perfect, no flaws, a clear slate . But then life happens, you are told how how you have to fit in, you are told what you have supposed to do, what is not acceptable, what society wants. Some people told that you are stupid, you are fat , you are not enough. You have failed in relationship. You compare yourself with other people and then what happens..  ???? ...............

You get NEGATIVE. Your clear mind which was now getting dirty with negativity, and we start having negative self talks. So not only negativity is there outside of you but the negativity inside of you. Life happens. It's impossible to go through life, without getting some scars. But then you hear that you should THINK POSITIVE, and now you start thinking positive.....but with positive thinking,  you are still thinking about past. If you keep on thinking about what happened in past with positive thinking....then positive thinking will not work out. It's like keep on Stirling dirty water.....then this dirty water will never get clear .......ever. At this point most people give up. They say that Positive thinking doesn't work. Well if you go this way of course it doesn't work.

You have to leave your Past behind. Don't think about what happened. You have to search for the positive thinking in your life. You have to find the things to be GREAT FULL for, the things to be HAPPY about. You have to be INTENTIONAL about creating POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP and an ENVIRONMENT in your life that's positive. Because THINKING POSITIVE ISN'T SOMETHING THAT YOU DO SOMETIMES, IT'S SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE TO DO ALL THE TIME. You have to be proactive about it. You have to realize that the world is inherently negative. And you have to be intentional everyday about filling yourself with positivity. If you do that then like this class all dirt, negativity will settle down, it will no more trouble you......and clear water will be there on top. Our mind will become also crystal clear. Bury the past.. find positivity in everything, bless everyone...this will continue clear mind thinking. Because POSITIVE THINKING ISN'T SOMETHING THAT YOU DO SOMETIMES, IT'S SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE TO DO ALL OF THE TIME.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Self Evaluation


I believe it is very important for every person who wants to do their best in a life to take a moment to evaluate themselves.  You should work to determine your purpose of life and how you can continue to advance your life's standard. When you looked through your own work you asked yourself “what have I learned in this life?” and “what do I still need to learn in order to improve my life?”

You need to evaluate your current capacity and situation. Then, you need to compare that state to the goals you want to achieve.

How much space is there between the person you are and the individual you want to become?

One of the first changes you should make is in the way you use your time. That’s where the evaluation begins. Take notes and track your activities throughout the day. After few days, you’ll notice a pattern.

You’ll recognize the activities that are consuming your time and efficiency. There is a name for them: distractions. You need to become aware of these weaknesses and do everything to avoid them.

Self evaluation leads to self evolution.
When you evaluate your capacity well enough, you get to know how much work you can handle. Then you’ll be able to organize your activities throughout the day and achieve the best results with the least effort.

Monday, September 9, 2019



Have you ever noticed, why some trees fall in a storm, while some other tress don't? The reason is their strong deep roots. A tree that develops a deep roots can withstand heavy storm without tumbling to the ground, on the contrary if roots are not deep enough, it will fall very easily.

Same thing applicable with human beings also, which is known as Grounding. Every person should be grounded like a tree with feet firmly planted on the ground, outstretch the arms like branches without knowing what this world will give back in return. The way trees shed down their dead leaves , same way you should forget your past, live in present and work for your future prospects.

Grounding allows you to stabilize and help you to release unwanted energies and helps your body to use all your talents to know their value in the world and give birth to your visions and goals. when we are connected to the Earth, energies from the Earth feed and heal your physical body and your Aura. On the other hand, being Ungrounded, make things harder to create and difficult to achieve what you desire. Little things that you do ordinarily may upset you deeply and feel like you are on a emotional rollercoaster. You may find hard to concentrate , easily become overwhelmed,  and may have difficulty in concentrating. Your thoughts can whir round and round and your head become so full with negative energies. If I talk about extreme ungrounded situation, it make you a over reactor, you exaggerate your problems because you expand a lot of energy unnecessary or inappropriately, and you may experience extreme exhaustion and feel restless or lethargic without any apparent reason.


Nature is the best way to make you feel grounded very quickly. 
Stand barefoot on a ground, close your eyes and visualize that you are a tree and you are growing roots out from your feet which go deep into the earth. The Earth is full of powerful energies and when there is a barefoot contact, free electrons from the earth can be absorbed by body, which nourish our body, mind and soul.

Hug a tree, press the whole front of your body against the trunk. Tree will absorb all your negative energy and drain away all unhelpful & repetitive thoughts from your body, and leave you with clarity of thoughts and clear vision. It will make you feel safe, calm and relaxed.

Take a Shower Meditation, every time you take a shower and visualize washing away all your anxiety & stress. Concentrate on the feel of the water upon your skin. Envision the power of shower washing away all your negative thoughts, fear, regret, and ager soaping off you and swirling down the drain.

Walk barefoot on grass or along a beach. It helps to calm your mind and reduce tensions. When you walk barefoot on grass, earth's surface electrons will be transferred into your body, and the negative charge electrons from your body will be absorbed and neutralized by the earth. Research shows that walking barefoot on grass helps to decrease stress level by 62 percent. Do meditate on a ground, lie and stare at the sky, let the nature sink in and ground you in earth. It allows you to focus your mind to feel more balanced and aware.

It is essential that you remain grounded. This practice literally grounds you in the same way like a lightning rod grounds electrical energy , which is known as Earthing. If you link yourself with ground, it will be easy for you, to deal with all problems of life without getting affected, and people around you feel more comfortable & you begin to feel more at peace in your life.

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Friday, September 6, 2019

Radha Ashtmi

Lord Krishna is incomplete without Radha, so if you need blessings of Lord Krishna, then you must worship Radha. If we do Pooja  of  Radha ji on this day, then Lord Krishna fulfills every desire of the mind in delight. With this, the name Radha is going to defeat all the sorrows of the world.

On September 6, 2019 we are celebrating Radha Ashtmi, birthday of Radha ji.

Some Pooja rituals and remedies for happy life.

On the day of Radhashtami you  must recite Shri Vishnusahsranama, with this, when you also recite Shri Sukta, you will get the desired fruit.

one must read the Gita on this day because by imbibing the knowledge of the Gita, one gets the blessings of Shri Krishna in life and in the end one gets a place in Shri Krishna's abode.

Radha Krishna love to do Rasleela, so Love your loved ones, sing and dance on the Radha  Krishna bhajans are the easiest way to get blessings of Radha and Krishna.

Wishing you all very blessed and happy Radha Ashtmi

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Ganesh chaturthi remedies


Lord Ganesha is also known as "VIGHANHARTA" the remover of all obstacles. Remedies to be done during these 12 days of Ganpati Pooja give fast results.

Reciting the beej mantra  of Ganpati ji  "Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha” would give benefit in career.

If any student finds any subject difficult in learning, keep a picture of Lord Ganesha in the book and you will see the changes.

On the day of Ganesha Chaturthi, offer durva and motichoor laddu to Lord Ganesha and others and light a ghee lamp in front of Goddess Laxmi idol. This remedy will never let lack of wealth in the house.

Those who are sick and want to become better, then offer janeu to Ganpati and wear that on next day.

People who think too much and have a wavering mind, then they should sit in front of a silver Ganpati on a kush-asana and should do "Om Vigneshwaraaya Namaha" 108x and then "Om Kem Ketave Namaha" 108x to improve their power of concentration.

Ganesh chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi

It is believed that on Chaturthi tithi of Bhadrapad , Lord Ganesha was born, that's why every year on this day we celebrate his birthday.
If you are going to bring Ganpati into your home for "visarjan", then try to bring home a clay Ganpati. Materials such as plaster of paris ruin the environment and hence cause negative effects on you, so choose a material that is environmentally friendly like mud, cow dung etc.

Pooja Mahurata

Ganesha pooja on the Chaturthi day is usually performed as per the Muhurat.

Ganesha Chaturthi on Monday, September 2, 2019

Madhyahna Ganesha Puja Muhurat - 11:05 AM to 01:36 PM
Duration - 02 Hours 31 Mins

Chaturthi Tithi Begins - 04:57 AM on Sep 02, 2019
Chaturthi Tithi Ends - 01:54 AM on Sep 03, 2019

Time to avoid Moon sighting - 08:55 AM to 09:05 PM
Duration - 12 Hours 10 Mins

Ganesha Visarjan on Thursday, September 12, 2019


We start the Chaturthi puja by bringing the ‘Ganpati’ idol home.
Chaturthi tithi is believed to be the most auspicious day for getting the idol of our favourite lord home. However, when you set out to bring one, do keep the following things ready: Aggarbatti & Dhoop, Aarti Thali, Supari, Paan leaf ,druva, a separate cloth for covering the Ganesh idol, another piece of Cloth for Sandli.
Keep the idol on a raised platform before performing the mantras. Prayers and mantras are chanted before installing the idol and once it is installed. Once done, place five flowers on the feet of Ganesh ji followed by Padya Samarpan. Here, the Lord's feet are washed with holy water. Then, the idol is offered water along with a bath by panchamrita snaman. You can prepare the same by mixing curd, honey, ghee and sugar. Lastly, you can give the idol a bath with pure water and offer new clothes. Offerings like sindoor, naivedyam, chandan, durva, garland are made.
Lord Ganesha is known to be 'Vighnaharta', the lord who takes all your pains away. He is worshipped for his ability to remove obstacles and bring good fortune in life.
Sit down with folded hands and take a note of all that goes into invoking the divine power with traditional rituals and customary practices.
Puja should begin with invocation of Lord Ganesha, one should chant "On Gan Ganpatey namah" Mantra in front of the Murti, by showing Avahan Mudra (Avahan Mudra is formed by joining both palms and folding both thumbs inwards).


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