Saturday, June 29, 2019

Immortal talks book review

Immortal talks is one of the finest book which I have ever read in my life. It is written by Shaunya,which means emptiness or nothingness, as this book is all about reaching the level of nothingness to achieve salvation. This is the book for those who are exploring their spiritualism.
I read this book in one go as it was so encapsulating that I couldn't put it down. Every chapter made me over whelmed. It is a spiritual adventure interwoven the concept of soul, salvation and realization of journey of liberation and devotion. The details which provided in this  book is totally divine. The messages are delivered in the form of experiences to the members to the members of the Mahatang tribe.
It has useful messages that one can apply in practical life. After reading every chapter of this book it puts me in a calm and meditative frame of mind, and provide information that why it's important for every person to embrace spirituality as soon as possible instead of leaving it for distant future. 


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